CASA’s Speech and Presentation Lab

Say you are taking COM 114 and are panicking about an upcoming speech.  CASA now has a service for that.  Bring your ideas for a speech or your prepared speech to Kettler G19 to practice!  You can set up an appointment in person, online via TutorTrac, or by phone at (260)481-5740.  Walk-in appointments are also possible, contingent on consultant availability.


What should you expect in a speech/presentation consultation?


During a consultation, you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a speech consultant to get help with any part of the speech process.  If you have a topic idea, but don’t know where to begin your speech, a consultant can help you with that! If your speech is completely finished, and you want someone to listen to it and provide feed-back, a consultant can do that too!  All consultants are fellow students who have successfully completed speech and writing classes, so they have been in your shoes and give input based on experience and training.


A consultation may last up to 45 minutes.  This time can be used to brainstorm or discuss ideas, work on catchy introductions or organization, or practice giving the speech in a private room.  iPads are available to record the presentation, so you and the consultant can review it together and discuss what you are doing well and improvements that could be made.


The purpose of a speech consultation is to help you, the speech-giver, feel more comfortable and confident giving your presentation.  So, the next time you are worried about a presentation, stop stressing and come in to practice.  After all, CASA services are free to all enrolled students!




Meet Steven K. He’s the Speech and Presentation lab G.A. this semester.  If you don’t meet with Steven about your speech, you’ll be working with either Heather, Rachel, Jaclyn, or Eylina. Check out their bios here.


8 Things to Know about Online Consultations

Did you know you can e-mail us your paper?

IPFW’s Writing Center has been accepting online consultations for a few years, and it’s become a pretty popular service. Here are a few things you may want to know about how “onlines” work:

1.  Our consultants are your online peer-reviewers

We don’t outsource our online consultations to other people or places. The same people you see at The Writing Center are the ones who review your paper.

2.  You can request a consultant

If you’ve particularly liked working with one of our consultants, you can request that person review your submission. Just put the consultant’s name in parentheses after your name in the submission form

3.  We don’t do onlines when we’re closed

While you’re welcome to submit your paper at 11:59 pm, we won’t check our inbox until we open the next business day.

4.  That said, we’re pretty fast

While we officially ask that you give us 3-4 business days to get back to you, we usually turn online consultations around much faster. Consultants who aren’t working with a student face-to-face in the center are given onlines to work on. You can see how busy we are, and gauge for yourself, by visiting TutorTrac.

5.  Microsoft Word is a must!

We leave notes by using the Review pane tools in Microsoft Word. If you send us a file format other than .doc/.docx, we’ll send you a request for the proper format. Sorry  :/

6.  Don’t forget your assignment sheet

Good feedback is only good if we know what your paper is supposed to be. Don’t have a digital assignment sheet file? Take a picture of the handout and attach that. You’d be surprised how many people veer off track from assignment requirements.

7.  There’s still a 45 minute cap

Less than an hour isn’t enough time to read a whole 10 page paper and leave helpful comments from start to finish. We really wish it were! If you have a long paper, you may need to resubmit and request we review specific pages or parts. Or…

8.  Tell us what you’re worried about

We’re at our best when we know what your concerns are. Your feedback will be more focused and insightful–not to mention way more useful to you–if you don’t forget to tell us what to look for.

Submit your paper here. Check out our official site for even more details.