About Us

Welcome to The Draft, brought to you by your IPFW Writing Center Consultants.

The Writing Center folks are a bunch of Mastodon-helping fellow students with a shared passion for strong writing. Every semester our team changes as students graduate, move on to new opportunities, and we welcome new members to our little family, but our commitment to helping IPFW students improve their writing never waivers.

Our goal is to help you be a better writer when you leave your consultation. While studies show that students who visit writing centers improve their grades, our aim is higher than an A on your assignment. We hope that our feedback and listening ear helps you to build confidence in your writing skills and better understand writing concepts.

Consultants at the Writing Center don’t write on your paper. Contrary to popular belief, we are not a proofreading or editing service where you drop off your paper and we return it with editing marks indicating all of your misplaced commas and grammar errors. There are no red pens here, only peer review from students who have proven their skills and passion for composition and communication in all its forms.

We’re not all English majors, nor is this only a place for students to receive help on English papers! We strive to recruit writing center staff from majors and departments all over IPFW to better serve you, and welcome students from all IPFW courses and majors to use our services! If it’s an assignment for an IPFW class that involves some sort of communication (written, oral, or visual), you can bring it to us for help!

Stop by the Learning Commons Desk in Helmke Library (2nd floor) and discover how we can help you! We’d love to meet you!