Goodbye from our Graduates: A Fond Farewell from Heather Dewey


Before Heather says her goodbyes, we want you know a few of the things of that make her so great and why we are certain we will miss her at least as much she will miss the Writing Center! Heather Dewey has been a familiar face and a helping hand for countless IPFW students over the years.  Her expertise is matched only by her work ethic.  One of the hardest workers on campus, Heather’s exemplary efforts were recently recognized when she was named one of this year’s Top 50 IPFW students and one of two students to recieve the Exemplar status.  Heather uses her talents in all that she does- from presenting at conferences to keeping the online portion of the Writing Center running smoothly.  We know that whatever is next for Heather- success will be part of the equation!  And now, her fond farewell…

A Home Away From Home

The Writing Center has been my home for so long that it tears me up to imagine leaving it permanently. During the four years I have worked here, the Writing Center has taught me so many skills, both professional and personal, and managed to introduce me to new jobs. Through the Writing Center, I learned how to write blog posts, write grants, lab reports, and others. I figured out how to manage difficulties, organize myself, and socialize like I never had before. When I first applied, it was because I wanted a part time job and had never been officially employed. I have worked with dozens of tutors, four different bosses, and four different moves throughout campus, and I loved every minute of it.

So Much to Miss

An awkward freshman when I first applied, I have grown during my time with the Writing Center. I will miss reading so many interesting papers and making new friends with the students. The interactions I had with so many and the experiences I heard from them have shaped my view of the world in so many ways. I’m going to miss the light in a student’s eyes when they finally understand a concept or learn how to analyze their evidence on their own. I will miss the international students becoming more comfortable with me, laughing at my name’s pronunciation, trying each other’s national candies, and developing into proficient writers throughout the semester. I’m especially going to miss students coming back to see me at the end of the semester to show me their grades and thank me for helping them grow as writers.

I’m not crying. My eyes just have an excess of cleaning fluid.

…like My Liver

Finally, I want to thank everyone for making this such an enjoyable experience. Audrey, Rachel, Jaclyn, Josh, Matt, Maleah, Fiona, and A.J., thank you for being such wonderful co-leads and for teaching me everything I have known. Kris, thank you for being such an amazing boss, your concern about my health, and allowing me to grow as an employee with my skills, discipline, and conflict management. Many years of sympathy, laughs, tears, and movie trips has left their impression on me. Everyone feels like a second family to me, and I will miss you all and the Writing Center like I would miss my liver. Good luck to everyone and the Center, and good night.

Good luck to you, Heather!  We are rooting for you.


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