Goodbye from our Graduates: An Exit Interview with Vickie G.


It’s nearing the end of the Spring semester and for a lucky few that means GRADUATION, the end goal of every students everywhere!  While we at the Writing Center are certainly sad to see our friends and colleagues move on, we are happy to see them begin the next, successful chapter in their lives.  Today we have a special feature- an exit interview with Vickie G.  Vickie has been a huge asset to the Writing Center over the years.  She brings invaluable real life experinces to her consultations and goes out of her way to be helpful to her peers and fellow consultants.  She will definitely be missed around here!

What is your background at IPFW?

I came to IPFW as a returning adult student in fall of 2009. It had been 25+ years since I’d been in school and, while I was nervous, I was also excited about finally beginning a degree program. In my time here at IPFW I worked as a Peer Tutor for three years, and have worked at the Writing Center as a Writing Consultant three different times (twice during my undergrad years, and most recently this semester as a grad student). I’ve numerous other life-changing and memorable experiences during these past 7-1/2 years as well that I never would have experienced had I not enrolled in the university.

What is your degree? What was your major?

In May 2014 I received my BA in English with a minor in Linguistics. In a few short weeks I’ll receive my MA in English with a concentration in Linguistics. Obtaining both of these degrees has been a lifelong dream, and I am living proof that you are never too old to pursue your educational goals.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan on taking a really long nap. Seriously though, after the summer is over I am very happy to report that I’ll be returning to IPFW to work as a Limited Term Lecturer in the Department of English & Linguistics.

I will also be taking a year-long break, after which I am applying to a doctorate program. I had always planned on stopping school once I’d received my MA; however, life sometimes has other plans for us. My experiences during my educational journey here at IPFW have encouraged me to keep going for the highest degree I can obtain.

What has been your experience working at the Writing Center?

All three times I’ve worked at the Writing Center have been wonderful. It’s been extremely satisfying to help fellow students with their writing concerns; because being a Writing Consultant is not just about helping with writing issues, it’s also about helping the student as a whole person.

Do you have any advice for students/ consultants, etc?

For consultants: Be humble, be kind, be understanding, and remember that each student you work with is an individual with individual needs. There are no assembly line consultations!

For students: Please take advantage of the free consultation services available to you. Come early to the Writing Center, and come often. Also, remember that the consultants are not there to be your personal editors/proofreaders, but they are there to assist you with your papers. Sometimes we all get so caught up in what we are writing, and overwhelmed with frustration, that we need a fresh set of eyes to look at what we’ve written. The consultants can oftentimes provide a fresh look on problems areas you are struggling with, and also help you brainstorm for ideas as well. Also please know that, as the tagline for this blog reads, “There are no red pens here” there aren’t any red pens in the Writing Center, and no judgements either.

Any thank yous, fond farewells or other tidbits you’d like to share?

The first time I worked in the Writing Center, the majority of the consultants were English majors. Now, years later, I am excited to see a variety of majors working there, as this opens up so many new avenues for students on our campus to receive writing assistance they need in majors other than English. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to assist my fellow students in the Writing Center, and I’ve made many friends, both with co-workers, and with students I’ve consulted with, and I encourage others to apply and work there as well.

Thank you, Vickie!  You are an inspiration.  You have shown us all that with hard work and dedication,  dreams DO come true!  Good luck- we know you have a very bright future!


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