Inside the Writing Center: Appointment Policies

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What ARE The Writing Center’s Appointment Polices?

Here at The Draft, we decided that the next post in our ongoing series, “Inside the Writing Center” should focus on some nuts and bolts- specifically appointment policies.  This a busy time of year for everyone- students and writing consultants alike. Misunderstanding of policies can lead to frustration and confusion on both sides.   So today we are focusing on everything you ever wanted to know about the Writing Center’s appointment policies.  Following the policies below will lead to increased happiness and overall life fulfillment.  Wait- REALLY?!?  Ok, maybe not, but it will lead to a better Writing Center experience.  And who doesn’t want that?

The Path to Increased Writing Center Satisfaction Starts Here  (Or These are the Writing Center’s Policies as Posted on Our Website):

  • Students may schedule one appointment per day, per class
  • If a student schedules more than one appointment per day for the same class, the first appointment of the day will be kept and all following Writing Center appointments (for that class) will be canceled.
  • Students may schedule up to three appointments per 6-day period, per class.
  • Due to appointment time constraints, we ask that students not plan to have more than 8-10 pages of text consulted on in a single appointment. If the paper is more than 10 pages long, please be prepared to provide a 10-page range of text to focus on during the appointment.
  • Graduate students must meet with graduate student consultants or undergraduate student consultants that have been approved for graduate work.
  • We do not provide transcription or dictation services

Please note: students can have more than one appointment per day if the appointments are for different classes.

There you have it!  Everything you ever wanted to know about the Writing Center’s appointment poilicies.  Now, no excuses, make an appointment today!  We’ll see you there.


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