Goodbye from our Graduates: Jaclyn Hiner


During my time at IPFW, The Writing Center was by far my most rewarding work experience. I applied to The Writing Center because I was in need of a part-time job, and I loved to read, write, and peer-review, so it seemed like the perfect match! However, what I never could have guessed when I first started to fill out the application was how much I would learn and grow during my time as a consultant.

By far, the best part about working in The Writing Center is the people: Kris, my coworkers, and all the students I have had the pleasure to work with. Ever since my first meeting with Kris, I have felt welcome and accepted. I remember first telling her I would like to work in The Writing Center, rather than another part of CASA, and her response was “I was hoping you’d say that!” From the beginning, Kris has seriously been the greatest boss ever, from understanding class work-loads to driving me to my car in the rain. So, Kris, thank you for your encouragement, your understanding, and for being you! Even when you were having a long day, you stayed positive and ready to listen. There is no one else I would rather email pictures of Sebastian Stan to. 🙂

Next, I need to thank all of my coworkers. Audrey, thank you for being the lead of all leads and teaching me pretty much everything I know about consulting. Heather and Rachel, thank you for being the best co-leads a girl could hope for and for keeping me sane during the stress of applying to grad schools. Thank you to all the brilliant consultants that I have worked with in the center, past and present, for always coming in ready to work and support each other! You have all made my experience in The Writing Center fun and fulfilling.

And finally, thank you to all of the students who I’ve worked with over the last year and a half. Whether it was fifteen minutes or over multiple consultations, I have enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Thank you for keeping me on my toes, helping me explore new subjects, and allowing me to contribute to any “ah-ha” moments that took place during our consultations.

I am thankful for the opportunity to have been involved in The Writing Center, and although it is sad to type this conclusion, I am excited to begin drafting the next chapter in my life.

Goodbye to my Writing Center family!



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