Goodbye from our Graduates- Rachel Abraham






My time at the writing center couldn’t have been long enough. Since my first day, even as nervous as I was, I have loved this job. Immediately it felt too good to be true, like I’d be found out as a fraud.  This early in life I hate to say that being a consultant, lead, and social media “person,” and blog content manager is the best hypha-job that I’ll ever have. What I can say more hopefully is that this has been the best job I’ve had yet. There were so many valuable experiences–like attending and presenting at two ECWCA conferences!

Firstly, Kris has been the best boss on the planet. You can trust me on that because I won’t be her employee much longer. 😦 From the day I said “I’d like to try to handle the social media,” little more than a few months into my first semester, she has believed in me and allowed to me learn and fail. I’m tearing up, so let me move on.

Secondly, I’ll remember the students that I’ve worked with for the rest of my life. I may not remember all of their names, but I will certainly remember my favorites (we’re not parents, we’re allowed favorites). Returning adult nursing students, foreign exchange students, and students who simply hadn’t found their place on campus yet will be among my fondest memories and connections made at IPFW.

Lastly, but certainly not least-ly, my fellow writing center folks. Nobody nerds out about English with me as well as you guys do. I’ll miss our laughs between consultations, jokes at the movies, and celebrating birthdays, job offers, and—thank goodness—graduations. Audrey & Matt, who taught me what I know, thank you! Heather, for all the germophobic and sugar/work-addict sympathy, thank you. Josh and Jaclyn, for knowing and accepting my sarcasm, thank you. Amy, Darren, Eylina, Fiona, Erika, Ashlee, and our G.A.’s thank you for making work an enjoyable place to come every day. Kris, for all the Chewy bars, understanding, encouragement, safe space, driving me to pick out a new car, birthday dinners, laughs, thank you a million times over!

I’ll miss you, Writing Center family.


Rachel Abraham



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