Resisting the Holiday Homework Halt


holidayhaltAh, November. We meet again. Whether your a December grad or a first-semester freshman, this is easily the most challenging part of the semester—or even the whole school year because on top of cramming to get all of our final projects done, we’re interrupted by holiday breaks.

Since they are very sorely needed, here are 5 tips to get work done over Thanksgiving break:

1. Utilize travel time

Many of us are driving ourselves home for the holidays, but there are still ways to use that time wisely. During my sophomore year, a professor told my class, “Thinking about work is actual work.” This is more true than you might realize. If you don’t take time to think through your ideas, they’ll stay half-baked, and the final result will be significantly less amazing. So, think about your homework/work-related ideas, recognize any bare spots, and consider about how you might be able to fill them in. When you finally get in front of a screen to write them down, you’ll be surprised how easily your good ideas come back to the surface.

Lucky passenger students, the world is your oyster. The thinking idea applies to you too. You simply have the freedom to get your ideas out on your Notes app or scrap paper.

Let others do a little driving. If you’re carpooling from home to Grandma’s or a Black Friday destination, take the passenger seat and study.

2. Resist the urge to nap!

If all of the adult-adults are going to bed for the afternoon, open your backpack and get some work done in what is probably one of the only quite hours of the holiday.

If you absolutely can’t resist, set an alarm for a quick 15-20 minutes-which is ideal anyway.

3. Work during the football game

The average NFL game lasts 3 hours and 12 minutes. That’s a good chunk of time! And because of the frequent commercial breaks, you won’t miss much while you work. If your family is anything like mine, the collective “ooh!”s from around the room will alert you in time to catch the highlights.

4. Be honest

Don’t feel obligated to slouch on the couch when you have finals to prepare for. Be honest, and tell your family that you need to get some work done. If you’d call them “supportive” any other day of the year, there’s no reason they should take it personally. Hopefully, they’ll be proud of your dedication to your degree.

5.  Prepare

Make note cards before you go! These are much more portable and easy to whip out when you have a moment to review. Use these:

  • In the passenger seat
  • In a Black Friday line or on a bench in the mall
  • While you’re not helping in the kitchen
  • Instead of playing with the tiny tots


written by Rachel A.



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