A letter from an alumna: Maleah Fick


My name is Maleah Fick and I was employed at the IPFW Writing Center from August 2011 to December 2013. I applied to be a writing consultant after one of my professors highly recommended the position. At the time, I had been to the Writing Center two times, both because professors had granted credit for getting my paper reviewed, so I had little idea what I was in for.

Consulting was a challenge, even as a proficient writer. It wasn’t about simply editing a paper, but working with writers to meet their specific desired writing goals…in a limited amount of time. However, working on such varied assignments taught me an incredible amount, which was something I’d been unprepared for. I worked with non-native speakers, who taught me about their cultures and writing styles. I consulted with freshmen who explained the complexities of transitioning to IPFW from high schools who had nearly no writing program at all. And I read through advanced, senior level writing, as the writers informed me they just needed another pair of eyes to catch the mistakes they’d been blinded to.

Eventually, I advanced to become a lead consultant, focusing on orientations and social media. I was able to use my story to let others in on the secret of the Writing Center: everyone needs it. There wasn’t a paper I didn’t take to one of my fellow consultants once I began working there, and it made a huge improvement in my writing.

Currently, I am a marketing and public relations assistant at Ruoff Home Mortgage. I find myself analyzing text on a daily basis, even if I’m not explicitly told to do so. However, in doing so I’ve managed to find mild errors and reword marketing materials to better achieve their intended purpose.

Being a consultant has absolutely shaped who I am today. Not to mention, I gained some lifelong consultant friends in the process. I wouldn’t trade my experiences there for the world.



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