MBTIs at IPFW’s Writing Center

Hello Dons,


What?! Recently, the Writing Center team was graced with the presence of Ashley Calderon and Kayla Klimasko. Ashley Calderon, who is the Director of Career Services, led our group through the insightful afternoon about our MBTI test results. Kayla Klimasko, a Career Counselor, assisted with real-life applications.

MBTI is the abbreviation for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. It has been used for decades now. There are 16 personalities according to the MBTI test. In our session each letter had an explanation and an activity. The team learned everyone’s individual preferences. The activities were fun and helped members to get to know each other better. Quite a few of us are new to the Writing Center.

Our first activity was used to show the differences between Extroversion and Introversion. The team members were to draw our ideal workplaces. Introverts drew places with quiet spaces that allowed alone time. Extroverts, often, had many people surrounding them in their ideal environments. There were quite a few laughs exchanged. Phrases that were used and teased between both types were, “How do you get any work done?” and “That’s so lonely!”.     

To demonstrate Feeling and Thinking, two volunteers were needed. As an extrovert, I raised my hand pretty quickly. My co-worker and I were to “fire” Ashley. Ashley then pretended to have a grandma in the hospital who was very ill. Gasp!

Our third activity showed the differences between Sensing and Intuition preferences. It was an observation of a painting. Sensing people were able to identify all the colors and shapes versus Intuition people. They continued the story of the two characters in the painting.  

Our crew was divided into two groups for our last activity. The two groups were made up of Perceivers and Judgers. Each group was supposed to plan a trip. Judgers, who like structure, had relaxation times scheduled out and considered passports while planning. They rarely went off topic. Perceivers planned a trip to Europe. Then, we proceeded to talk about movies. We didn’t get very far, but our European vacation will be legendary!      

The MBTI is about preferences. It is not a test per say, just a unique way to look at people and better understand them. What are your MBTI results, Dons? Which sounds more like you? Do you match me? Are you opposite?

Let us know in the comments below.


Jade H.



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