Resources We Recommend: Academic Sources Edition

Here are some helpful tips to find academic sources on campus:

Helmke Library offers many resources to help students find reference material and academic sources for conducting research and writing papers.    These resources can be found by typing “” into the URL bar.  Off to the right side of the screen, there are 5 colored boxes. Each of those boxes represent a different service that the library provides.



  • ASK A LIBRARIAN” allows students to chat with or make an appointment with a librarian to get information about finding sources.


  • IUCAT CATALOG” allows students to view IPFW Helmke Library’s entire book catalog online.


  • DATABASES A-Z” allows students to view all the databases that Helmke Library offers to students for free. Although Academic Search Premier and INSPIRE seem to be the most popularly used, there are hundreds of other databases that may be of assistance when researching certain topics. Most of the databases allow students to type in keywords in order to search for articles relating to general research they are trying to find.


  • TOPIC GUIDES”, allows students to search on a more narrowed down scale for material. This link lets students select their major or area of study. Then, a list of credible books, journals, or databases pops up that will enable students to find more information specific to their field of study.  Students can then either request suggested books or view them online.  They can also click on the recommended databases to search for research.


  • DOCUMENT DELIVERY” allows students to request books or journals that cannot be viewed online. This link also permits students to check the status of requested materials, so they know when it can be picked up from the library.  Most databases also have a ‘request document’ option for journals that cannot be viewed online.  By requesting a document, the library can send a copy of a desired article through e-mail to a student, usually within a couple of days.


The most important thing to keep in mind when looking for articles to use in a paper is to make sure that the author is credible.  Be sure that the writer has the experience or credentials that gives them appropriate knowledge to write the article.



To check citation style:


Purdue OWL is the most updated resource that gives students the ability to check or learn how to cite source material in the proper format.  Most commonly on Purdue OWL, the Writing Center uses the MLA style guide, the APA style guide, and the Chicago style manual.  Each link under those sections explains how to fully cite sources in the bibliography, as well as how to form in-text citations.  It also provides examples to help students understand the layout and format for citations in different circumstances.



written by Jaclyn H.



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