3 Convenient Ways to Schedule

Note: You don’t need to schedule an appointment for online consultations. We do those during unbooked appointments.



internetsearchDIY Online

Typing away on a paper? Have a fleeting thought that maybe someone else should check it out? Open your internet browser, and head to tutortrac.ipfw.edu. Use your myIPF
W username and password. Customize the info on the left-hand side to schedule a time that works for you. This is a great way to schedule when the office is closed!



Chilling in the Kettler cafeteria? We’ve got some super friendly desk workers just down the hall (KT G19) who can help you out. They’ll ask you all the right questions and get you scheduled on the spot. You’ll get a confirmation e-mail as you exit the room, so you don’t even have to write the info down.

openphonecallOver the phone

Wanna do it the good ol’ fashion way? We know you’ve always got this thing on you. Give us a call at 260-481-5740. Remember those desk workers we mentioned? They’ll answer your call, ask you a couple questions, and get you set up with a consultation time. You’ll get an e-mail notification with your appointment info too.


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