A letter from an alumnus: Chris Lambert

Dear Students of IPFW,

I have been involved in numerous IPFW organizations, but none quite compared to what the Writing Center offered. The Writing Center was more than just a student job. It was a way to use my joy of writing to help students with any report and any subject they found themselves struggling to write. My area of study is in accounting, but I didn’t let that limit me in the slightest. The Writing Center let me advance my skills in writing and apply them to my major in more ways than I can count; it doesn’t matter what area of study you find yourself situated in. Every discipline utilizes writing in many different ways and being aware of this will give anyone an advantage in the future.

One of the greatest ways the Writing Center has helped me was in my professional and interpersonal development. Assisting students, many of whom I didn’t know, allowed me to develop greater social skills. Tutoring helped raise my confidence as a writer, and the position challenged me to thrive in a unique environment that facilitated conversational and relational development. This is specifically important in the business world. Overall, helping with someone’s struggle in writing was extremely rewarding. It is what brought me to the Center and what I looked forward to each day.

Reading through the writings of others was an enlightening experience because it let me learn something from each piece I read and each student I had the privilege to talk to. My own writing style changed for the better because I surrounded myself with literature every day. I learned how to analyze my own literary works and find patterns of weakness that I could work on to become a better writer. All of the challenges I overcame allowed me to I pass down what I had learned to the students who I could see were facing the same obstacles.

The Writing Center was a great opportunity for me and I recommend the job to anyone who feels like they can use their writing skills to better someone else in that individual’s academic journey. Every major and concentration uses writing as a way to communicate, and I can’t think of a better place than a Writing Center to develop those skills and have fun tutoring others in the process.

Chris Lambert

Accounting Senior


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