A letter from an alumna: Madison Prall

Becoming a writing consultant was one of the most rewarding decisions that I made during my time at IPFW. Writing is an essential skill necessary not only for success in school, but also for many careers thereafter. Because many students feel some measure of writing anxiety or feel unsure of themselves, the writing center offers an important service at IPFW. I found a great deal of satisfaction in my role as a provider of this service, and I certainly became a better writer from the experience, but there were several other unanticipated benefits to be had. For instance, I became more involved with on-campus activities, I was able to take advantage of services and opportunities at IPFW that I may not have otherwise learned about, and I even attended a writing center conference at Notre Dame. Above all, I obtained valuable skills and abilities necessary for my professional life now. In fact, a skill needed for a job I recently interviewed for was the ability to interact with people one-on-one and work with them to devise custom solutions for their individual needs. I feel that I honed this skill as a writing consultant because each student that I had the opportunity to work with each came with different needs that required different methods of assistance and different solutions.

I fondly remember my time at IPFW’s Writing Center as one of the best jobs that I’ve ever had. I had excellent co-workers, I found that my flexible hours fit in well with my schedule of classes, and the work itself was mentally stimulating. I not only gained invaluable skills and experience, but I felt that the time and effort I put into my work mattered. I provided personalized assistance and encouragement to those who needed it, and I felt appreciated for providing these services.


written by Madison Prall


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